Are you a life science business that is looking for business support and funding to help move your business to the next stage?

All applicants need to have identified a Cornerstone Investor and a Mentor, who will provide a strong degree of validation to angel investors. A Cornerstone Investor is either an angel or small fund that is significantly committed to the investment (typically more than 15% of the investment). A Mentor will have relevant industry experience that is committed to the company's growth and success. In many cases the Cornerstone Investor and the Mentor will be the same person.  A key attraction to A4LS Angels is the opportunity to invest in high-quality Life-Sciences companies that have been selected by industry experts, and that have the endorsement that comes from having already secured a Cornerstone Investor and Mentor.

A4LS is pleased to announce its collaboration with MedCity. The A4LS Team help review plans and provide sector specific knowledge on companies.  

Information on the next investment event, along with detail for applications can be found on the MedCity website:   Applicant companies are welcome from life science companies across the United Kingdom.

If you have any questions, please contact Simon Kerry ( or Will West (

Or contact Eileen Modral to find out more


A4LS is pleased to acknowledge the support of its sponsors.



Email: Eileen Modral