Angels4LifeSciences (A4LS) was established in 2012 to help overcome the perceived challenges of investing in early-stage life sciences companies.

“The importance of the life sciences sector to the UK economy has been reinforced by the government’s support for this sector, including its Strategy for UK Life Sciences and the Biomedical Catalyst. This support has helped create an environment where angel investors can make a positive return on life sciences investments”
Simon Kerry, A4LS network manager


Are you looking to invest in some of the UK’s most exciting and innovative life science companies? Are you already a life sciences Investor who is looking to for a dedicated sector investment community?

A4LS comprises both sector-experienced angels and generalists; the first to provide the validation and confidence needed for the generalists to invest in the sector. A4LS does not take…


Are you a life science business that is looking for business support and funding to help move your business to the next stage?

All applicants need to have identified a Cornerstone Investor and a Mentor, who will provide a strong degree of validation to angel investors. A Cornerstone Investor is either an angel or small fund that is significantly committed to the investment (typically…


A4LS is pleased to acknowledge the support of its sponsors.



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